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I have a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Central Florida. I am a retired Army Reservist and a retired Forensic Scientist. I use Scientific Methods during my Paranormal Investigations. I research the history of the owners, managers and key players of each Victorian House and Victorian Inn that I investigate. This research helps me place a name with any ghost or spirit who may wish to communicate. I used to just obtain verbal permission to conduct Paranormal Investigations, but my first four books were placed on hold due to not having written permission. I now require a Consent Agreement Form signed by each owner of the property, before I conduct any Paranormal Investigations.

My books are documentary works of research concerning the unexplained activity, a documentation of small town family, and business history, and the individuals that stay behind after death to continue to look after their beloved Historical homes and businesses. I always work alone, usually during the day light hours and I use technological equipment to monitor and document any evidence that I find. I use the Ovilus IV and the Mel Meter. The Ovilus IV allows the spirits to use their energy to choose words from the Ovilus IV's database. The Mel Meter measures temperature and electrical fields. A cold spot may indicate the present of a spirit. A spike in the electrical fields may indicate the present of a spirit. I take pictures and videos of all Paranormal Investigations. Ghost's or Spirit's are people too. I always try to show respect to each Ghost and Spirit that I meet. I try to treat all Living Beings, Ghosts and Spirits with respect. To fear a Ghost or Spirit is just not to know a Ghost or Spirit.